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Sodium Sulfide

Basic info

English name: Sodium sulfide

CAS No.: 1313-82-2

Molecular formula: Na2S

Technical standard: GB 10500-2009

Features of products:

Property: flakes, yellow or red color, soluble in water, presenting strong alkaline solution, easily oxidized when exposed to air.

applications: used in sulfur dyes, used as reductant, mordant, floatation agent, depilatory for leather, digestion auxiliary in paper-making, and used in textile, pigment and rubber too.

Technical Data of Sodium Sulphide

Commodity of Goods Sodium Sulphide
Appearance Thin flakes yellow flakes
Packing In 25kgs plastic woven bag lined with PE bag.
Item Standard
Specifications 5PPM 10PPM 15PPM 20PPM 30PPM
Na2S 60% min 60% min 60% min 60% min 60% min
Na2CO3 2.0% max 2.0% max 2.0% max 2.0% max 2.0% max
Water insoluble 0.2% max 0.2% max 0.2% max 0.2% max 0.2% max
Fe 0.0005% max 0.001% max 0.0015% max 0.002% max 0.003% max

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